Life Processes

Class 10 Life Processes Previous Years Questions

Life Processes Previous Years Question List the steps of preparation of temporary mount of a leaf peel to observe stomata. [CBSE 2018] [2Marks] List in tabular form two differences between pepsin & trypsin. [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks] List four precautions in proper sequence which we observe while preparing a temporary mount of leaf peel. [CBSE […]

Class 10 Life Processes Important questions

Life Processes Important questions List down the raw materials for photosynthesis. Specify what is the role of bile juice in the process of digestion? Name the respiratory organ in fish & earthworm. Name the types of blood vessels used for the transportation of blood. What is dialysis? How is respiration in plants & respiration in […]

Class 10 Life Processes Notes

Life Processes Notes Life Processes:- The processes which together perform the maintenance job of the living organisms are called life processes. Nutrition:- The process of taking of food inside the body and utilising it to get energy is known as nutrition. Modes of nutrition:- Autotrophic mode of nutrition Heterotrophic mode of nutrition Autotrophic mode of […]