Class 10 Life Processes Previous Years Questions

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Life Processes Previous Years Question

  1. List the steps of preparation of temporary mount of a leaf peel to observe stomata. [CBSE 2018] [2Marks]
  2. List in tabular form two differences between pepsin & trypsin. [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks]
  3. List four precautions in proper sequence which we observe while preparing a temporary mount of leaf peel. [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks]
  4. In the experiment of preparing a temporary mount of a leaf peel to observe stomata we use two liquids other than water. Name these two liquids & state when and why these liquids are used? [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks]
  5. A student has set up an apparatus to show that “CO2 is released during respiration”. After about 1 hour he observes no change in the water level in the delivery tube. Write two possible reasons for the failure of the experiment. [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks]
  6. Explain the ways in which glucose is broken down in absence or shortage of oxygen. [CBSE 2019] [3 Marks]
  7. List four functions of the human heart. Why is double circulation necessary in the human body? [CBSE 2019] [3 Marks]
  8. What is haemoglobin? State the consequences of deficiency of haemoglobin in our bodies. [CBSE 2019] [3 Marks]
  9. .
    1. In the process of respiration., state the function of alveoli.
    2. Rate of breathing in aquatic organisms is much faster than in terrestrial organisms. Give reasons.
    3. Complete the following pathway showing the breakdown of glucose: [CBSE 2020] [3 Marks]
  10. .
    1. Mention any two components of blood.
    2. Trace the movement of oxygenated blood in the body.
    3. write the function of valves present in between atria & ventricles.
    4. Write one structural difference between the composition of artery & veins. [CBSE 2018] [5 Marks]
  11. .
    1. Define excretion.
    2. Name the basic filtration unit present in the kidney.
    3. Draw excretory system in human beings & label the following organs of excretory system which perform following functions:
      1. form urine
      2. is a long tube which collects urine from kidney
      3. store urine until it is passed out [CBSE 2018] [5 Marks]
  12. Give reasons:
    1. Ventricles have thicker muscular walls than atria.
    2. Transport system in plant is slow.
    3. Circulation of blood in aquatic vertebrates differs from that in terrestrial vertebrates.
    4. During the daytime, water & minerals travel faster through xylem as compared to the night.
    5. Veins have valves whereas arteries do not. [CBSE 2020] [5 Marks]
  13. Design an activity to show that chlorophyll is essential for photosynthesis. [CBSE 2020] [5 Marks]


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