Class 10 Life Processes Important questions

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Life Processes Important questions

  1. List down the raw materials for photosynthesis.
  2. Specify what is the role of bile juice in the process of digestion?
  3. Name the respiratory organ in fish & earthworm.
  4. Name the types of blood vessels used for the transportation of blood.
  5. What is dialysis?
  6. How is respiration in plants & respiration in animals different?
  7. Draw the labelled diagram of the human nephron.
  8. How are alveoli designed & why?
  9. Define excretion. Name the organs of excretory system.
  10. State the role of the following
    1. Nephron 2. Diaphragm 3. Larynx
  11. Give reasons for the following
    1. It is said to not speaking while eating.
    2. Walls of trachea are supported by cartilage rings.
  12. Leaves of a potted plant were coated with wax to block the stomata. Will this plant remain alive & healthy for long? State three reasons for your answer.
  13. Describe the process and importance of double circulation in humans.
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    1. Name the blood vessel that brings oxygenated blood to the human heart.
    2. Which chamber of human heart receives oxygenated blood?
    3. Explain how oxygenated blood from this chamber is sent to all parts of the body.
  15. List four functions of human heart. Why is double circulation necessary in the human body?
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    1. Name the basic filtration unit present in kidney.
    2. Draw the excretory system in human beings & label the following organs which perform following functions-
      1. form urine
      2. is a long tube which collects urine from kidney
      3. store urine until it is passed out.


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