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Which classes does BrainIgniter provide study materials for?

BrainIgniter provides study materials mainly for CBSE students of classes 8, 9 and 10.

What are the subjects covered by BrainIgniter?

At present, BrainIgniter covers the subjects – science and mathematics that include notes, previous years questions, practice questions and many more.

Can the students of other boards (other than CBSE board) study from BrainIgniter?

Yes, the students of other board can study from BrainIgniter but the materials are mainly based on CBSE board that will be more helpful in mainly CBSE exams.

Why should you choose BrainIgniter?

BrainIgniter provides user progress and course ratings facility along with extended user profiles. Also,it provides lesson attachments that you can download and study even if you are offline or if you don’t have access to internet. Just download the materials once.

What are the benefits of online study?

With the help of online study materials, you can learn and acquire knowledge at the comfort and safety of your home. Also, it is helpful for the students who don’t have good tution classes in their locality.

Is online study as effective as offline study?

Online study may seem relatively new, but years of research suggests it can be as effective as traditional coursework, and often so more.

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