Metals and Non-metals

Class 10 Metals and Non-metals Important Questions

Metal and Non-Metals Important Questions In what forms are metals found in nature? With the help of examples explain how metals react with oxygen, water and dilute acids. Also write chemical equations for the reactions. How is copper obtained from its ore (Cu2S)? Write only the chemical equations. How is copper thus obtained refined? Name […]

Class 10 Metals and Non-Metals Previous Years Questions

Metals And Non-Metals : Previous Years Questions Show the formation of Na2O by the transfer of electrons. [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks] Show the formation of magnesium oxide by the transfer of electrons. [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks] What are ionic compounds ? Why do ionic compounds not conduct electricity in the solid state? [CBSE 2019] [2 […]

Class 10 Metals and Non-metals Notes

Metals and Non-metals Notes Physical properties of metals:- They are solid in state except mercury (liquid). They are malleable i.e., they can be beaten into thin sheet.Gold and silver are most malleable metals. They are ductile i.e., they can be drawn into thin wire.Gold is the most ductile metal. They are good conductors of heat […]