Class 10 Metals and Non-metals Important Questions

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Metal and Non-Metals Important Questions

  1. In what forms are metals found in nature? With the help of examples explain how metals react with oxygen, water and dilute acids. Also write chemical equations for the reactions.
  2. How is copper obtained from its ore (Cu2S)? Write only the chemical equations. How is copper thus obtained refined? Name and explain the process along with a labelled diagram.
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    i. Name the method used to extract metals of high reactivity.
    ii. Name the main ore of mercury. How is mercury obtained from its ore? Give balanced equations.
    iii. Explain thermit reaction with the help of balanced equation.
  4. Out of three metals P, Q and R, P is less reactive than Q and R is more reactive than P and Q both. Suggest an activity to arrange P, Q and R in order of their decreasing reactivity.
  5. Show the formation of Na2O by the transfer of electrons.
  6. What is cinnabar ? How is metal extracted from cinnabar ? Explain with chemical equations.
  7. Why do metals generally not give hydrogen gas by reacting with nitric acid ?
  8. Name the two metals which react with very dilute nitric acid to evolve hydrogen gas. Write a chemical equation when anyone these two metals react with very dilute nitric acid.
  9. What is thermit reaction ? Write the chemical equation and use of thermit reaction.
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    i. What do you mean by amphoteric oxides ? Give examples.
    ii. Write the chemical equations when an amphoteric oxide reacts with an acid and a base.
  11. .
    i. Explain corrosion by giving any two examples.
    ii. Write the methods to prevent the metals from corrosion.
    iii. Define galvanisation.
  12. .
    i. What do you mean by an alloy ?
    ii. What is the alloy of mercury called ?
    iii. What are the components of brass and stainless steel ?
  13. Why solder is used for welding electrical wires ?
  14. .
    i. Define electrolytic refining with the help a well labelled diagram.
    ii. In the process of electrolytic refining of copper, strip of impure metal is taken as which electrode ?
    iii. What do you mean by anode mud ?


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