Class 9 Matter In Our Surroundings MCQ Quiz Set 2

MCQ Quiz – 2 MCQ Quiz – 1 NCERT Solutions Notes Important Questions

Matter In Our Surroundings Quiz – 2

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1. When we blow air into the balloon it inflates because


2. Select the correct order of evaporation for water, alcohol, petrol and kerosene oil:


3. All gases will occupy zero volume when the temperature is reduced to


4. The melting point temperature of the solid state of a substance is 40°C. The freezing point temperature of the liquid state of the same substance will be


5. Which of the following has heighest kinetic energy?


6. CO2 can be easily liquified and even solidified because


7. The liquid which has the highest rate of evaporation is:


8. Zig-zag movement of the solute particle in a solution is known as


9. Which is incorrect statement:


10. Which of the following statements best explains why a closed balloon filled with helium gas rises in air?


11. The one, in which inter-particle forces are strongest, is:


12. We get the smell of hot food in the kitchen outside the house because of


13. When potassium permagnet dissolve in water shows


14. Solids has tendency to maintain their …………. and ………….


15. Mass per unit volume of a substance is called its:



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