Class 9 Tissue Quiz Set 1

1. Safranin stains


2. Which is not a function of epidermis?


3. Choose the wrong statement


4. Girth of stem increases due to


5. Which of the following tissues has dead cells?


6. Bone matrix is rich in


7. Cartilage is not found in


8. A person met with an accident in which two long bones of hand were dislocated. which among the following may be the possible reason ?


9. volountry muscle is found in


10. Intestine absorbs the digested food materials. What type of epithelial cells are responsible for that?


11. In desert plants, rate of water loss gets reduced due to presence of


12. Select the incorrect sentence


13. Parenchyma cells are


14. Which of the followings helps in repair of tissue and fills up the space inside the organ


15. The water conducting tissue generally present in gymnosperm (woody plants) is




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