Class 9 Tissues Important Questions

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Tissues Important Questions

  1. Which tissue in plants provides them flexibility? Name any two parts of the plants where this tissue is present.
  2. What is responsible for increase in girth of the stem or root?
  3. What is cutin? What is its function?
  4. Which tissue forms a barrier to keep different body systems separate?
  5. Write the differences between xylem and phloem.
  6. What are the functions of areolar tissue?
  7. Draw a labelled diagram of neuron.
  8. List the characteristics of sclerenchyma. Give examples of the parts of the plants where it is found.
  9. What is the chemical substance that makes the cells of sclerenchyma hard? Mention where this tissue is likely to be present?
  10. Draw a well labelled diagram of nerve cell.
  11. Identify the location of the following tissues:-
    1. Tendons
    2. Cuboidal Epithelium
    3. Areolar tissue
    4. Aerenchyma
  12. Why are xylem and phloem called complex tissue? How are they different from one another?


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