Class 9 Gravitation MCQ Quiz Set 1

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Gravitation Quiz – 1

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1. A girl stands on a box having 60 cm length, 40 cm breadth and 20 cm width in three ways. In which of the following cases, pressure exerted by the box will be


2. The acceleration due to gravity on the Earth depends upon the


3. The gravitational force between two objects is F. If masses of both the objects are halved without altering the distance between them, then the gravitational force would become:


4. The SI unit of G is


5. When a mango falls from a mango tree then


6. Two bodies A and B of masses 100 g and 200 g respectively are dropped near the earth’s surface. Let the accelerations of A and B be a1 and a2 respectively.


7. The acceleration due to gravity near the moon’s surface is


8. An apple falls from a tree because of gravitational attraction between the Earth and the apple. If F1 is the magnitude of force exerted by the Earth on the apple and F2 is the magnitude of force exerted by the apple on the Earth, then


9. The weight of freely falling body is


10. If the gravitational attraction of the Earth suddenly disappears, which of the following statements will be true?


11. An object weighs 10 N in air. When immersed fully in water, it weighs only 8 N. The weight of the liquid displaced by the object will be


12. The weight of an object at the centre of the Earth of radius R is


13. The SI unit of pressure is


14. The value of ‘g’ :


15. When a ship floats in sea water



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