Class 9 Gravitation MCQ Quiz Set 2

MCQ Quiz – 2 MCQ Quiz – 1 Notes Important Questions NCERT Solution

Gravitation Quiz – 2

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1. If the distance between two particles is halved, the gravitational force becomes


2. Acceleration due to gravity of a body thrown up is


3. Law of gravitation gives the gravitational force between


4. If the mass of one of the two bodies is doubled and the distance between them is also doubled, The gravitational force between them


5. How much would a kg man weigh on the moon in terms of gravitational units ?


6. The mass of the Earth is


7. When a fruit falls from a tree


8. The acceleration due to gravity on the Earth depends upon the


9. Newton’s law of gravitation


10. The universal law of gravitation was postulated by


11. Choose the correct statement


12. What is the mass of an object whose weight is 98 N ?


13. The three law of planetary motion were given by


14. If the distance between two masses be doubled, then the force between them will become


15. What is the SI unit of universal gravitation constant ?



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