Class 9 Force and Laws of Motion MCQ Quiz Set 1

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Force and Laws of Motion Quiz – 1

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1. A lift is moving up with an acceleration of 3.675 m/s2. The weight of a man


2. When a body is stationary


3. The law which gives a quantitative  measurement of force is


4. A force of 6 N acts on a mass of 1 kg which acquires a velocity 30 m/s. The time for which the force acts is


5. A hammer weighing 3 kg, moving with a velocity of 10 m/s , strikes against the head of a spike and drives it into a block of wood. If the hammer comes to rest in 0.025 s, the impulse associated with a ball will be


6. Momentum has the same units as that of


7. Newton used the phrase ‘quantity of motion’ for


8. 1 dyne is equal to


9. A particle of mass ‘m’ moving with velocity ‘v’ strikes a stationary particle of mass ‘2m’ and sticks to it. The speed of the system will be


10. A 4000 kg lift is accelerating upwards . the tension in the supporting cable is 64000 N. if g = 10 m/s2, then the acceleration of the lift is


11. A rocket works on the


12. A bullet of mass 0.01 kg is fired from a gun weighing   5.o kg. if the initial speed of the bullet is 250 m/s,  calculate the speed with which the gun recoils.


13. The product of force and time is called


14. A force of 5 newton acts on a body of weight 9.80 newton. What is the acceleration produced in m/s2?


15. When a net force acts on an object, the object will be accelerated in the direction of the force with an acceleration directly proportional to the



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