Class 9 Is Matter Around Us Pure Quiz MCQ Set 2

MCQ Quiz – 2 MCQ Quiz – 1 Notes Important Questions NCERT Solutions

Is Matter Around Us Pure Quiz – 2

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1. Foam is a type of colloid whose dispersed phase is


2. Recovery of salt from salt solution can be quickly done by :


3. Name the type of colloid whose dispersed phase is liquid and dispersing medium is gas


4. ………………solutions can separated depending upon their densities.


5. Which method is used to separate two miscible liquids?


6. Among the following substance, which one is a mixture ?


7. Which of the following mixtures can be  separated by sublimation


8. ………….method use for separation of petroleum products


9. The crystals of copper sulphate turn white on heating due to


10. A solution contains 40 g of common salt dissolved in 320 ml of water. calculate the mass concentration of the solution.


11. A mixture of of camphor and ammonium chloride can be separated by


12. Sublimation technique is used to separate the type of mixture which is:


13. The colour of the pure ammonium chloride


14. smoke is an example of which type of colloid


15. To make a saturated solution 36 g of sodium chloride is dissolved in 100 g of water at 293 K. finds its concentration at this temperature.



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