Class 9 Is Matter Around Us Pure MCQ Quiz Set 1

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Is Matter Around Us Pure Quiz – 1

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1. 0.5 g of substance is dissolved in 25 g of a solvent. Calculate the percentage amount o the substance in the solution.


2. Centrifugation do not used in


3. Which of the following mixtures is translucent ?


4. Colour of compound of iron and sulphur


5. Solid particles are not soluble in solution, That can be separated by


6. Which of the following apparatus is not required in sublimation?


7. which technique is used in diagnostic laboratories for blood and urine test?


8. Calculate the concentration of a solution in volume per cent made when 56 g of water is mixed with 0.17 L of ethanol


9. The colloidal solution is where both the dispersed phase and the dispersing medium are liquid, is


10. Solid particles are not soluble in solution, That can be separated by


11. Which of the following will show Tyndall effect


12. A mixture of sulphur and carbon disulphide is


13. Two substances, A and B were made to react to reaction a third substance, A2B according to the following
2 A + B → A2B
Which of the following statements concerning this reaction are incorrect?
(i) The product A2B shows the properties of substances A and B
(ii) The product will always have a fixed composition
(iii) The product so formed cannot be classified as a compound
(iv) The product so formed is an element


14. what is the boiling point of acetone


15. which one of the following is not the property of mixtures ?



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