Class 9 Work and Energy Quiz set 1

1. The speed of a motor car becomes six times, then the kinetic energy becomes


2. A body is thrown vertically up from the earh′s surface. What happened to its P.E. during the motion ?


3. The mass of an objectis double the mass of Q. If both move with the same velocity, then the ratio of K.E. of P to that of Q is


4. Work done upon a body is


5. When the momentum of a body decreases 10%, its K.E. decreases by


6. Two unequal masses posses the momentum, then the kinetic energy of the heavier mass is ………… the kinetic energy of the lighter mass.


7. Two unequal masses posses the same K.E.  Then, the heavier mass has


8. No work is said to have been done when an object moves’ at an angle of ……….. with the direction of the force.


9. The number of joules contained in 1 kWh is


10. The work done in lifting a mass of 1 kg to a height of 9.8 m is


11. The K.E. of a body in increased most,  by doubling its


12. A body of mass 20 kg is dropped from a height of 2m. If  ‘g’ is taken to be equal to 10 m/s², the Kinetic energy of the body, just before striking the ground, will be


13. A ball of mass 200 g fall form height of 5 m. what is its K.E. when it just reaches the ground ?


14. 1 hp is equal to


15. A stretched string possesses _______ energy.


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