Class 9 Triangle Quiz Set 2

1. If the altitude form two vertices of a triangle to the opposite sides are equal, then the triangle is


2. Which is true ?



3. In triangle ABC, if ∠A=90°, which is the longest side ?


4. In triangle ABC, ∠A=40° and ∠B=60°. then, the longest side of triangle ABC is


5. In triangle ABC, D is the midpoint of BC, DE perpendicular to AB and DF perpendicular to AC such that DE = DF. Then, which of the following is true ?


6. In figure AB ⊥ AE, BC ⊥ AB, CE = DE and ∠AED = 120°, then find ∠ECD.


7. Three statement are given below

1. In a triangle ABC in which AB=AC, the altitude AD bisects BC.

2. If the altitude AD, BE, and CF of triangle ABC are equal, then triangle ABC is equilateral.

3. If D is the mid point of the hypotenuse AC of a right triangle ABC, then BD=AC

Which is true ?


8. In figure X is a point in the interior of square ABCD, AXYZ is also a square. If DY = 3 cm and AZ = 2 cm, then find BY.


9. In given figure, the measure of ∠BAC is


10. O is any point in the interior of triangle ABC. then, which of the following is true ?


11. In the given figure, if the exterior angle is 135o then ∠P is:


12. In figure, ABC is an isosceles triangle whose side AC is produce to E and through C, CD is drawn parallel to BA. Find the value of x


13. In figure, D is the mid-point of side BC of a ΔABC and ∠ABD = 50°. If AD = BD = CD, then find the measure of ∠ACD.


14. In ΔABC, ∠C = ∠A and BC = 4 cm and AC = 5 cm, then find length of AB.


15. What is the measure of each of the equal angles of right angled isosceles triangle ?



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