Class 9 Sound Quiz Set 1

1. The number of compressions or rarefactions per unit time gives


2. In SONAR, we use


3. Sound waves in air is an example of ______


4. A wave in slinky travelled two and fro in 5 sec the length of the slinky is 5 m. What is the velocity of wave?


5. The phenomenon where a sound produced is heard again due to reflection is called _____


6. Speed of sound depends upon


7. In the curve half the wavelength is


8. When the vibrating object moves backwards, it creates a region of low pressure called ______


9. When we change feeble sound to loud sound we increase its


10. Note is a sound


11. Children under the age of 5 can hear upto


12. Infrasound can be heard by


13. Sound travels in air if


14. Earthquake produces which kind of sound before the main shock wave begins


15. When a body vibrates, it compresses the air surrounding and forms a high-density area known as ______



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