Class 9 Sound Quiz Set 1

1. Reverberation of sound is used in


2. In a longitudinal wave, the individual particle of the medium move


3. The lowest audible frequency for a human being is about


4. The reciprocal of frequency is


5. A boat is set into vertical Vibration by waves of speed 5 ms-1 whose crests are 5m apart. The Time period of vertical vibration of the boat is


6. If a wave complete 20 vibration in 2.5 s, then its frequency is


7. A tuning fork is vibrating in the air. The number of compressions going past a given point per second


8. To hear a distinct echo each time interval between the original sound and the reflected sound must be:


9. Which characteristic is this? We can distinguish between sound having same pitch and loudness.


10. When we pluck the wire of a sitar, the waves produced in its wire are :


11. If the distance between a crest and and its consecutive trough is L, then the wavelength of the wave is given by


12. Sound travels through which medium ?


13. Which part of human ear converts sound vibrations into electrical signals


14. In a transverse wave, the individual particle of the medium move


15. Waves formed over water surface are



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