Class 9 Quadrilaterals Quiz Set 2

1. If one angle of a parallelogram is 75o, then find its other three angles.


2. In the given figure, ABCD is a parallelogram. Find the value of x


3. ABCD is a trapezium with AB =10cm, AD=5 cm, BC=4 cm and DC =7 cm?

Find the area of the ABCD


4. If the bisectors of all four angles of a parallelogram are made to intersect each other then the new quadrilateral thus formed will be a:


5. The figure obtained by joining the mid-points of the sides of a rhombus, taken in order, is


6. In the following figure, ABCD and AEFG are two parallelograms. If ∠C = 60°, then ∠GFE is


7. Which of the following is/are the necessary condition(s) for a quadrilateral to be a parallelogram?


8. ABCD is a rhombus such that ∠ACB = 40º. Then ∠ADB is


9. If APB and CQD are two parallel lines, then the bisectors of the angles APQ, BPQ, CQP and PQD form


10. ABCD is a parallelogram and AP and CQ are perpendiculars from vertices A and C on diagonal BD

Which of the following is true based on given information


11. Two diagonals of a rhombus ABCD are intersecting each other at point O. What is the value of ∠DOC?


12. A diagonal of a rectangle is inclined to one side of the rectangle at 25º. The acute angle between the diagonals is


13. Name the quadrilateral formed by joining the mid-points of all four sides of a rectangle.


14. ABCD is a trapezium where AB||DC. BD is the diagonal and E is the mid point of AD. A line is draw from point E parallel to AB intersecting BC at F. Which of these is true?


15. A diagonal of a rectangle is inclined to one side of the rectangle at 35°. The acute angle between the diagonals is




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