Class 9 Lines And Angles Quiz Set 2

1. In the given figure, if ∠ AOC = 50° then (∠AOD + ∠COB) is equal to:


2. In Figure AB || CD, the value of x is


3. In the given figure, if AOB is a straight line, then ∠BOC is


4. In figure the value of x is


5. n the given figure, if the angles a and b are in the ratio 2 : 3, then angle c is:


6. In figure, AB || ED, the value of x is:


7. In the given figure, AB || CD then value of x is:


8. In the given figure, find the value of x:


9.  In the figure, p || q. The value of x is:


10. In figure, find the value of y


11. In figure l1 || l2, the value of x is


12. In ΔABC, ∠A = 50° and the external bisectors of ∠B and ∠C meet at O as shown in figure. The measure of ∠BOC is


13. n the given figure, PQ || RS and ∠ACS = 127°, ∠BAC is:


14. If AB || CD, EF ⊥ CD and ∠GED = 135° as per the figure given below.

The value of ∠AGE is:


15. In the given figure, ABCD is a rectangle in which ∠APB = 100°. The value of x is:



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