Class 9 Gravitation Quiz Set 3

1. 1 N/m² equals to


2. If the relation F = G M m / d2 , the quantity G


3. Any solid will float in water if its relative density is


4. What is the mass of an object whose weight is 98 N ?


5. If two masses A and B have their masses in the ratio 1 : 4 and their volumes are equal, then their densities have the ratio


6. A body of mass 50 kg has a volume 0.0049 m³. The buoyant force on it is


7. What is the value of ‘g’ on the surface of the sun ?
(mass of sun = 1.99 x 1030 ) and (Radius of the sun = 6.96 x 108 )


8. From the centre of the earth to the surface of the earth, the value of g varies with distance (r) as


9. Masses of the earth and the mars are in the ratio 10 : 1 and their radii in the ratio 2 : 1. What will be the ratio of the weights of the same body on the surface of these planets ?


10. Aluminium has a density of 2.7 g/cc. The mass of 15 cc of aluminium is


11. If the mass of a planet is 10 % less than that of the earth and the radius 20 % greater than that of the earth, the acceleration due to gravity on the planet will be


12. Pins and nails are made to have pointed ends in order to have ………………. area of contact between the pin and the given surface.


13. A solid weighs 32 gf in air and 28.8 gf in water. The R.D. of the solid is


14. A body floats wth 1/3 rd of its volume outside water and 3/4 th of its volume outside liquid, then the density of the liquid is


15. The space in which a body experiences a force by virtue of its mass is called



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