Class 9 Area of parallelograms And Triangles Quiz Set 1

1. The length of diagonals of rhombus are 12 cm and 16 cm. The area of the rhombus is


2. Which of the following is a false statement ?


3. If Diagonals AC and BD of a trapezium ABCD with AB || DC intersect each other at O. Then,


4. D and E are the mid-points of BC and AD respectively. If ar(ΔABC) = 12 cm², then ar(ΔBDE) is


5. Two parallelograms are on equal bases and between the same parallels. The ratio of their areas is


6. Two parallel sides of a trapezium are 12 cm and 8 cm long and the distance between them is 6.5 cm. the area of trapezium is


7. If a triangle and a parallelogram are on the same base and between same parallels, then the ratio of the triangle to the area of parallelogram is


8. The area of a right triangle is 30 sq cm. If the base is 5 cm, then the hypotenuse must be


9. In a triangle ABC, E is the mid-point of median AD. Then:


10. If D and E are points on sides AB and AC respectively of ΔABC such that ar(DBC) = ar(EBC). Then:


11. Area of a trapezium, whose parallel sides are 9 cm and 6 cm respectively and the distance between these sides is 8 cm, is​


12. AE is a median to side BC of triangle ABC. If area(ΔABC) = 24 cm, then area(ΔABE)


13. If ABCD is a parallelogram, AE ⊥ DC and CF ⊥ AD. If AB = 10 cm, AE = 6 cm and CF = 5 cm, then AD is equal to


14. ABCD is a quadrilateral whose diagonal AC divides it into two parts, equal in area, then ABCD is


15. The median of a triangle divides it into two



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