Class 9 Motion MCQ Quiz Set 2

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Motion Quiz – 2

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1. The SI unit of angular velocity is


2. A body moves along the circumference of a circular track of radius ‘R’. What is displacement of the body when it covers 3/4th of its circumference ?


3. A train of length 200 m travelling at 30 m/s overtakes another train of length 300 m travelling at 20 m/s. The time taken by the first train to pass the second is


4. Area under the speed -time graph gives


5. A particle starts from rest moves with constant acceleration. its distance ‘x’ and velocity ‘v’ as related as


6. A body whose speed in a particular direction is constant


7. A body covers the first half of the distance with a velocity ‘v’ and the second half in double the time taken for the first half . The average velocity is


8. Choose the wrong statement


9. A rubber ball dropped from a certain height is an example of


10. A body strikes the floor vertically with a velocity ‘u’ and rebounds at the same speed. the change in velocity would be


11. A bus starts from rest with an acceleration of 1 m/s2. A man who is 48 m behind the bus starts with a uniform velocity of 10 m/s. The minimum time after which the man will catch the bus is


12. Two bodies are thrown vertically upwards with their initial velocities in the ratio of 2:3. then the ratio of the maximum heights attained by them is


13. When a graph between two physical quantities is a straight line, the two quantities are


14. Choose the correct statement


15. A train 50 m long passes over bridge at a velocity of 30 km/h. If its takes 36 s to cross the bridge , the length of the bridge will be



MCQ Quiz – 1


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