Class 9 – Introduction To Euclid’s Geometry – Important Questions

Important Questions

Introduction To Euclid’s Geometry – Important Questions

  1. The number of dimension that a point has is:
    1. 0
    2. 1
    3. 2
    4. 3
  2. What are the five postulates of Euclid’s Geometry?
  3. Consider two ‘postulates’ given below:
    1. Given any two distinct points A and B, there exists a third point C which is in between A and B.
    2. There exist at least three points that are not on the same line.
      (i) Do these postulates contain any undefined terms? Are these postulates consistent?
      (ii) Do they follow from Euclid’s postulates? Explain.
  4. If a point C lies between two points A and B such that AC = BC, then prove that AC =1/2 AB. Explain by drawing the figure.
  5. Why is axiom 5, in the list of Euclid’s axioms, considered as a ‘universal truth’ ?(Note that the question is not about the fifth postulate.)
  6.  What is a minimum number of lines required to make a closed figure?
  7. It is known that x + y = 10 and that x = z. Show that z + y = 10?
  8. Consider the following statement : There exists a pair of straight lines that are everywhere equidistant from one another. Is this statement a direct consequence of Euclid’s fifth postulate? Explain.
  9. ‘Lines are parallel if they do not intersect’ is stated in the form of:
    1. an axiom
    2. a definition
    3. a postulate
    4. a proof
  10. How many dimension does a solid has?
  11. What do you call a figure formed by three line segments?
  12. Line PQ is such that it acts as a transversal for two non-parallel lines AB and CD such that APQ + PQC<180°. So, lines AB and CD, if produced will intersect on the left of PQ. This is an example of which postulate of Euclid?


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