Class 9 Constructions Important Questions

Important Questions

Constructions – Important Questions

  1. Construct an equilateral triangle, given its side and justify the construction.
  2. Construct a triangle ABC in which BC = 8cm, ∠B = 75° and AB + AC = 14 cm.
  3. Draw a line segment AB of 6 cm in length. Draw a line perpendicular to AB through A and B, respectively. Are these lines parallel?
  4. Draw a line segment PQ = 8.4 cm. Divide PQ into four equal parts using ruler and compass.
  5. Draw any reflex angle. Bisect it using compass. Name the angles so obtained.
  6. Construct an equilateral triangle LMN, one of whose side is 4 cm. Bisect ∠ M of the triangle.
  7. Construct an angle of 9 at the initial point of a given ray and justify the construction.
  8. Construct a triangle XYZ in which ∠Y = 30°, ∠Z = 90° and XY + YZ + ZX = 11 cm.
  9. Construct a right triangle whose base is 14 cm and sum of its hypotenuse and other side is 16 cm.
  10. Construct a triangle ABC with BC = 8 cm, ∠B= 45° and AB – AC = 3.1 cm.
  11. Construct ΔXYZ, if its perimeter is 14 cm, one side of length 5 cm and ∠X= 45°.
  12. Construct an isosceles triangle whose two equal sides measure 6 cm each and whose base is 5 cm. Draw the perpendicular bisector of its base and show that it passes through the opposite vertex.
  13. Construct a right triangle whose base is 8 cm and sum of the hypotenuse and other side is 16 cm.
  14. To construct an isosceles ΔABC in which base BC = 4 cm, sum of the perpendicular from A to BC and side AB = 6.5 cm.
  15. Construct a triangle whose sides are 3.6 cm, 3.0 cm and 4.8 cm. Bisect the smallest angle and measure each part.


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