Class 9 Why Do We Fall Ill Notes

Why Do We Fall Ill Notes


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Necessary conditions for good health

  • Personal hygiene
  • Good physical and social environment
  • Public cleanliness
  • Good economic conditions and jobs opportunities
  • Social equality and harmony and many more.

→ So, personal and community issues both matter for good health.


Any disturbance in the functioning or the appearance of one or more
systems of the body is referred as disease.

→ Being disease free doesn’t mean being healthy.
→ It is possible to be in poor health without actually suffering from a particular disease.

Symptoms of disease

Symptoms of disease are the things we feel as being ‘wrong’ like headache, cough, loose motions, a wound with pus etc.

Types of diseases

  • Acute Diseases
  • Chronic Diseases

Differences between acute and chronic diseases

S. No.Acute DiseasesChronic Diseases
1.The diseases that last for only very short periods of time are called acute diseases.The diseases that last for long periods of time, even as much as a lifetime are called chronic diseases.
2.The patient does not lose weight.The patient loses weight.
3.The patient does not feel tired all the time. The patient feels tired all the time.
4.Ex:- Common cold, Influenza etc.Ex:- Tuberculosis (TB), Cancer, Diabetes etc.

Causes of diseases


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