Class 9 The Fundamental Unit of Life Important Questions

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The Fundamental Unit of Life Important Questions

  1. Define nucleoid.
  2. .
    1. Why mitochondria is called the powerhouse of the cell ?
    2. Why is the inner membrane of mitochondria deeply folded ?
  3. Where is protein synthesized in a cell ? Explain.
  4. Name the three solutions that can be used to stain the cell while observing it under the microscope ?
  5. What would happen to the life of a cell if there was no golgi apparatus ?
  6. How do substances like CO2 and water move in and out of the cell ? Explain.
  7. What does it mean by endocytosis ? Name an organism that obtains its food by endocytosis.
  8. Where proteins and lipids synthesized in a cell ? Write two functions of proteins and lipids.
  9. What does it mean by plasmolysis ?
  10. Why cell membrane is called selectively permeable membrane ?
  11. Name the two cell organelles having their own ribosomes and DNA.
  12. .
    1. Name the cell organelle that helps in formation of lysosomes.
    2. Why are lysosomes called suicide bags of a cell ?
  13. Write the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell.


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