Class 10 Chemical Reactions and Equations Previous Years Questions

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Chemical Reactions and Equations Previous Years Questions

  1. Strong heating of ferrous sulphate leads to the formation of a brown solid and two gases. This reaction can be categorised as:-
    a. displacement and redox
    b. decomposition and redox
    c. displacement and endothermic
    d. decomposition and exothermic [1 mark] [CBSE 2020]
  2. What is observed after about 1 hour of adding the strips of copper and aluminium separately to ferrous sulphate solution filled in two beakers? Name the reaction if any change in colour is noticed. Also,write chemical equation for the reaction. [2 marks] [CBSE 2019]
  3. A student wants to study a decomposition reaction by taking ferrous sulphate crystals. Write two precautions he must observe while performing the experiment. [2 marks] [CBSE 2019]
  4. A student has set up an apparatus to show that “CO2” is released during respiration”. After about 1 hour he observes no change in the water level in the delivery tube. write two possible reasons for the failure of the experiment. [2 marks] [CBSE 2019]
  5. What is observed when a solution of sodium sulphate is added to a solution of barium chloride taken in a test tube ? Write equation for the chemical reaction involved & name the type of reaction in this case. [2 marks] [CBSE 2018]
  6. A shining metal ‘M’ on burning gives a dazzling white flame & changes to a white powder ‘N’.
    1. Identify ‘M’ & ‘N’.
    2. Represent the above reaction in the form of a balanced chemical equation .
    3. Does ‘M’ undergo oxidation or reduction in this reaction ? Justify. [3 marks] [CBSE 2020]
  7. In the electrolysis of water,
    1. Name the gases liberated at anode & cathode.
    2. Why is it that the volume of gas collected on one electrode is two times that on the other electrode?
    3. What would happen if dilute H2SO4 is not added to water? [3 marks] [CBSE 2020]
  8. Decomposition reactions require energy either in the form of heat or light or electricity for breaking down the reactants. Write one equation each for decomposition reaction where energy is supplied in the form of heat, light and electricity. [3 marks] [CBSE 2018]
  9. .
    1. What is a double displacement reaction? Explain with an example.
    2. A small amount of quick lime is added to water in a beaker.
      1. Name and define the type of reaction that has taken place.
      2. Write balanced chemical equation for the above reaction and the chemical name of the product formed.
      3. List two main observations of this reaction. [3 marks] [CBSE 2019]
  10. .
    1. Design an activity to demonstrate the decomposition reaction of lead nitrate.
    2. Draw labelled diagram of the experimental setup. List two main observations.
    3. Write balanced chemical equation for the reaction stating the physical state of the reactant & the products. [5 marks] [CBSE 2019]


  • Prince Kumar

    Sir can you please solve question no 2 of class 10 chemistry previous years question ?

    • BrainIgniter

      Since, aluminium is more reactive than iron, so it will displace iron from ferrous sulphate solution and the green colour of ferrous sulphate will disappear. It is a type of displacement reaction.
      3FeSO4+ 2Al → Al2(SO4)3+ 3Fe
      But, copper is less reactive than iron, so no reaction will take place when copper is added to ferrous sulphate solution.

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