Class 10 – How do Organisms Reproduce – Important Questions

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How do Organisms Reproduce – Important Questions

  1. Name the hormones responsible for the changes in boys and girls at the time of puberty.
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    1. Describe the various steps involved in the process of binary fission with the help of a diagram.
    2. Why do multicellular organisms use complex way of reproduction?
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    1. Describe the role of prostate gland, seminal vesicle and testes in the human male reproductive system.
    2. How is the surgical removal of unwanted pregnancies misused.
    3. Explain the role of oral contraceptive pills in preventing conception.
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    1. Draw a diagram of the longitudinal section of a flower and label on it sepal, petal, ovary and stigma.
    2. Write the names of male and female reproductive parts of a flower.
  5. A student is viewing under a microscope a permanent slide showing various stages of asexual reproduction by budding in yeast. Draw diagrams of what he observes (in proper sequence).
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    1. Write the function of following parts in human female reproductive system :
      1. Ovary
      2. Oviduct
      3. Uterus
    2. Describe in brief the structure and function of placenta.
  7. Draw a well labelled diagram of human female reproductive system.
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    1. What is reproduction? List its two types.
    2. How are the modes of reproduction different in unicellular and multicellular organisms?
  9. What happens to the lining of uterus –
    1. before release of fertilised egg?
    2. if no fertilisation occurs?
  10. Why is DNA copying an essential part of reproduction ?
  11. Name one sexually transmitted disease each caused due to bacterial infection and viral infection. How can these be prevented?
  12. What do you mean by tissue culture ? Write the advantages of tissue culture.
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    1. Define fertilisation.
    2. Name the motile germ cell and the germ cell containing stored food.
  14. Define the term puberty. List the changes that occur at the time of puberty in boys and girls.
  15. Name the site of female reproductive system where fusion of male and female gametes take place.


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