Class 10 – Control and Coordination – Previous Years Questions

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Control and Coordination – Previous Years Questions

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    1. Name one gustatory receptor and one olfactory receptor present in human beings.
    2. Write a and b in the given flow chart of neuron through which information travels as an electrical impulse.

      [CBSE 2018] [2 Marks]
  2. How do auxins promote the growth of a tendril around a support? [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks]
  3. What is a nerve impulse ? State the direction followed by a nerve impulse while travelling in the body of an organism. [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks]
  4. What is insulin ? Why are some patients of diabetes treated by giving injections of insulin? [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks]
  5. How is the movement of leaves of the sensitive plants different from the movement of a shoot towards light? [CBSe 2019] [2 Marks]
  6. List n the tabular form two differences between reflex action and walking. [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks]
  7. List in tabular form two differences between pepsin and trypsin. [CBSE 2019] [2 Marks]
  8. Name the hormones secreted by the following endocrine glands and specify one function of each:
    1. Thyroid
    2. Pituitary
    3. Pancrease [CBSE 2018] [3 Marks]
  9. List in tabular form three distinguishing features between cerebrum and cerebellum. [CBSE 2019] [3 Marks]
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    1. Name the part of human brain which controls (i) voluntary actions, and (ii) involuntary actions.
    2. Write the function of peripheral nervous system. Name the components of this system stating their origin. [CBSE 2019] [3 Marks]
  11. Question numbers 11(1)-11(4) are based on the table and related information in the passage given below.
    Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) stimulates thyroid gland to produce thyroxine. Study the table given below.
    It is important to monitor TSH of levels during pregnancy. High TSH levels and hypothyroidism can especially affect chances of miscarriage. Therefore, proper medication in consultation with a doctor is required to regulate/control the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.
    11(1). Give the full form of TSH.
    11(2). State the main function of TSH.
    11(3). Why do TSH levels in pregnant women need to be monitored?
    11(4). A pregnant woman has TSH level of 8.95 mU/L. What care is needed for her? [CBSE 2020] [4 Marks]


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