To find Melting Point of Ice and Boiling Point of Water

Experiment 5(A) Aim To determine the melting point of ice. Theory Melting poin is the temperature at which a solid melts to form a liquid. A pure solid always has a fixed melting point. When a solid is heated, at its melting point the temperature becomes constant and it remains constant till whole of the […]

To Separate Components of a Mixture

Experiment 3(A) Aim To separate a mixture of common salt and sand. Theory In the given mixture of common salt and sand, only common salt is soluble in water. As such when the mixtured is stirred with water, only common salt goes into solution leaving behind the sand undissolved. The suspension is filtered when sand […]

Preparation of a mixture and a compound using iron filings and sulphur powder and distinguishing between these

Aim To Prepare (a) a mixture (b) a compound using iron fillings and sulphur powder and distinguish between these on the basis of (i) appearance i.e., homogeneity and heterogeneity,(ii) behaviour towards a magnet,(iiii) behaviour towards carbon disulphide solvent,(iv) effect of heat Theory A mixture can be differentiated from a compound in the following manner : […]

Preparation of a true solution, a suspension and a colloidal solution and distinguish between these on the basis of transparency, filtration criterion and stability

Experiment 1(A) Aim To prepare true Solutions of (i) common salt (ii) sugar and (iii) alum in water and study their properties like (a) transparency (b) filtration criterion and (c) stability. Materials Required Beakers, test tubes, test tube stand, glass rod, filter paper, funnel, funnel stand, pestle and mortar, common salt, sugar, alum, conc. H2SO4 […]

Establishing the relation between loss in weight of a solid when fully immersed in tap water and salty water with the weight of water displaced

Aim To establish the relationship between the loss in weight of solid when fully immersed in (i) tap water(ii) strongly salty water,with the wait of water displaced by it by taking at least two different solids. Apparatus Required spring balance, two small different (metallic) solid bodies, eureka can, measuring cylinder, a strong thread, tap water […]