NCERT Solutions Class 9 Science Chapter 7 Diversity in Living Organisms

NCERT In-Text Questions Solutions In-Text Questions Page 80 Why do we classify organisms?Ans:- For easier and convenient study we classify organisms. Give three examples of the range of variations that you see in lifeforms around you.Ans:- (a) Small cat and big cow(b) Grass and banyan tree (c) Black crow and green parrot In-Text Questions Page […]

Class 9 Diversity in Living Organisms Notes

Diversity in Living Organisms Notes The hierarchy of classification groups:- KingdomPhylum (for animals) / Division (for plants) Class Order Family Genus Species There are five types of kingdoms:- Monera:- They are unicellular prokaryotes. Some of them have cell wall while some do not. The mode of nutrition in some of them is autotrophic and in […]