Electric Motor : Principle, Construction, Working and Uses

Electric Motor Electric Motor:- An electric motor is a rotating device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. Principle:- It is based on the principle that when a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field perpendicular to it, it experiences a force. Construction:- Consider a rectangular coil ABCD placed in a magnetic field […]

Class 10 Electricity Important Questions : Solutions

Electricity Important Questions : Solutions The potential difference between the terminals of an electric heater is 60 V when it draws a current of 4 A from the source. What current will the heater draw if the potential difference is increased to 120 V.Sol: Here, V = 60 V and I = 4 A Using, […]

Class 10 Sources of Energy Previous Years Questions

Sources of Energy Previous Years Questions Write the energy conversion that takes place in a hydropower plant. [1 mark] [CBSE 2018] What is a dam? Why do we seek to build large dams? While building large dams, which three main problems should particularly be addressed to maintain peace among local people? Mention them. [3 marks] […]

Class 10 Sources of Energy Notes

Sources of Energy Notes Characteristics of a good source of energy:- Should have high calorific value. Easily available. Easy to transport & store. Should be economical. Should be ecofriendly. Safe & convenient to use. Renewable source of energy:- The source of energy which can be continuously generated by natural processes & whose supply is unlimited […]

Class 10 Human Eye and Colourful World Important Questions

Human Eye and Colourful World Important Questions The far point of a human eye has been shifted to 2 m from infinity. Name the eye defect the person is suffering from & also write its correction. Draw a ray diagram for its correction. Find the power of the lens required to correct this defect. Name […]