CBSE Released Criteria for Evaluation of Marks for Class 12 Board Examinations 2021

For Tabulation of Marks for Class XII Board Examinations 2021

Due to cancellation of the board examinations, the assessment of theory portion of 80/70/60/50/30 marks will be done by school based on the following:

ClassComponent to be evaluatedPercentage
Class XIIMarks based on Unit Test/Mid-Term/Pre-Board Exam40%
Class XIMarks based on theory component of final exam30%
Class XMarks based on average theory component of best three performing subjects out of 5 main subjects30%

The marks of Practical/Internal Assessment etc. of class-XII will be on actual basis as uploaded by the school on the CBSE portal.

The total marks awarded should be in consonance with the past performance of the school in Class-XII Board Examinations.

Assessment and its Components

Accordingly, in accordance with the points above, the broad distribution of marks assigned to various components on the basis of which the final marks of every student will be computed in as follows:


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