Class 10 Electricity Important Questions

Electricity Important Questions The potential difference between the terminals of an electric heater is 60 V when it draws a current of 4 A from the source. What current will the heater draw if the potential difference is increased to 120 V. The V-I graph of three resistors is shown below. Which resistor has maximum […]

Class 10 Electricity Previous Years Questions

Electricity Previous Years Questions Define 1 kilowatt hour. [1 mark] [CBSE 2019] The values of mA and µA are: [1 mark] [CBSE 2020] 10-6 A and 10-9 A respectively 10-3 A and 10-6 A respectively 10-3 A and 10-9 A respectively 10-6 A and 10-3 A respectively A cylindrical conductor of length ‘l’ and uniform area of cross-section ‘A’ has resistance ‘R’. Another […]