Class 9 – Force and Laws of Motion – Quiz

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Force may or may not produce any motion in a body.


The inertia of an object tends to cause the object:


A passenger in a moving train tosses a coin which falls behind him. It means that motion of the train is:


The product of force and time is called


A man is standing on a boat in still water. If he walks towards the shore the boat will


A driver accelerates his car first at the rate of 1.8 m/s² and then at the rate of 1.2 m/s². The ratio of the forces exerted by the engines will be respectively equal to


A bullet of mass 0.01 kg is fired from a gun weighing 5.0 kg. If the initial speed of the bullet is 250 m/s, calculate the speed with which the gun recoils.


In a tug-of-war between the teams A and B, the rope breaks at a point which is nearer to A. Then


If you are asked to push an object so that the acceleration produced in it is now twice as before, then the force required will be


Galileo’s law of inertia is another name for newton’s __________ law of motion.


An object of mass 2 kg is sliding with a constant velocity of 4 m/s on a friction less horizontal table. The force required to keep the object moving with the same velocity is:


The inertia of a moving object depends on:


The speed of a car weighing 1500 kg increases from 36 km/h to 72 km/h uniformly. What will be the change in momentum of the car?


A truck of mass M is moved under a force F. If the truck is then loaded with an object equal to the mass of the truck and the driving force is halved, then how does the acceleration change?


Rocket works on the principle of conservation of:


What is the momentum of an object of mass m, moving with a velocity v?


A constant force of friction of 50 N is acting on a body of mass 200kg moving initially with a speed of 15m/s. Find the acceleration of the body.


In the following example, try to identify the number of times the velocity of ball changes: “A football player kicks a football to another player of his team who kicks the football towards the football towards the goal. The goalkeeper of the opposite team collects the football and kicks it towards a player of his own team.”