Class 9 Atoms and Molecules MCQ Quiz Set 1

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Atoms and Molecules Quiz – 1

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1. The atomic mass of sodium is 23. The number of moles in 46 g of sodium is


2. Molecular mass is defined as the


3. The molecule having an atomicity of 4 is:


4. What is the latin name of sodium?


5. All samples of carbon dioxide contain carbon and oxygen in the mass ratio 3:8 this is in agreement with the law of


6. What is the mass of grams of 3 moles of N ?


7. How many times an atom of sulphur is heavier than an atom of carbon?


8. The number of atoms present in a one molecule of a substance is called


9. Which of the following has maximum number of atoms ?


10. Which of the following represents 12 u?


11. How many grams of sodium will have the same number of atoms as 6 grams of magnesium ? (Na =23 , Mg =24)


12. According to the law of definite proportions, ________.


13. The density of liquid mercury is 13.6 g/cm3  How many moles of mercury are there in 1 litre of the metal ? (atomic mass of Hg = 200)


14. How many moles are present in 560 g of iron?


15. Identify the correct one from the following statements.



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